SPARK specialises in personal training and group exercise classes for seniors (folks over the age of 65). There is no age limit. Train in the comfort of your own home, outdoors, in your local community centre or in a welcoming fitness studio in Balmain. Incorporating strength, conditioning (cardio), mobility, yoga, rehabilitation, stretching and breath work. Unlock your zest, energy, enthusiasm and confidence. 



As our bodies age we need a considered approach to exercise that involves the whole person - body, mind and spirit. Many of the classic signs and symptoms of ageing are caused by inactivity or the wrong type of exercise, inadequate nutrition and accumulated stress and tension. Movement is life, so put yourself in motion. 


exercise options

Stretch, strengthen, balance and intelligently learn how to move each joint in the body through its full range of motion. The approach is gentle, supportive, encouraging and fun. Chair-based (or seated) training is a great option for those wanting a gentler approach or with specific health concerns. Or get more vigorous based on the level of your fitness, experience and capability. 


Train 1 on 1 with SPARK founder and Master Personal Trainer Mark Jones or with a highly qualified SPARK personal trainer. Group training for 4-20 people is also available. It's a great way to be active and socialise in a supportive, fun and encouraging environment.



Choose from 45mins or 60mins. Train in the comfort of your own home, outdoors, in a local community centre, retirement village or in a unique fitness studio in the heart of Balmain. Enquire now for a personalised quote. 


Honor the wisdom of your body