Get a grip folks!

Tennis players need sun protection but they also need good grip. For years I looked for a sunscreen that provided protection but didn’t result in my racquet slipping out of my hands and into the grandstand of adoring fans (or rather fan).

I’ve often been guilty of not wearing sunscreen when I’m on the court (and I know many of my friends are the same) because of the impact most sunscreens have on performance - having slippery hands just isn’t an option. Then I found KINeSYS.


KINeSYS is a sunscreen born 20+ years ago in response to the lack of sunscreen that met the needs of those who love being active and outdoors. KINeSYS isn’t heavy, greasy or slimy and doesn’t leave you smelling like traditional sunscreen.

Because it’s oil free means it’s ideal for tennis players. With a quick-drying formula, the non-aerosol, pump spray sunscreen is fast-absorbing, lightweight and a pleasure to wear on the court. I highly recommend it! It’s also owned by two of the best people currently living on planet earth, Lisa & Wade Heggie.

      • UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection

      • No Greasy, Sticky Residue

      • Kids and parents love the easy application

      • Water & Sweat Resistant up to 80 Minutes

      • No oil, alcohol, parabens, PABAs, preservatives, colorants or Oxybenzone

It’s also a great product for kids. One of the biggest barriers to children wearing sunscreen is the greasy feeling of traditional products.The non-aerosol clear spray of KINeSYS makes application easy too. No more cold “sunscreen shock” or dry skin from alcohol-filled aerosol sprays.

Alcohol makes its way into most chemical sunscreens because it makes them appear less greasy. Unfortunately, it does this by dehydrating your skin and eroding its protective barrier an issue that causes more problems than benefits. The kids formula is free of scent and 80 min water and sweat resistant to provide sun protection whatever the activity your kids enjoy.


There’s also a clear zinc based on one key ingredient, naturally sourced premium Zinc Oxide, our advanced formula provides a 100% mineral protective shield from the sun. It’s great for the tops of your ears, nose and lips. The compact 60g travel-size tub fits easily into your tennis bag.

The white-look left by traditional zincs is a thing of the past. The premium, micronized zinc used in the formula has a high transparency, meaning you can choose to retain a white finish or rub in for a transparent finish. Eat your heart out Pat Rafter!

For more information and special Spark My Lifestyle promo codes contact me here or visit the KINeSYS website for online sales. Be sun-smart folks!

Mark Jones